S. Livingston Mather Scholarship Competition
For Male Voice Students

The S. Livingston Mather Scholarship Competition Saturday, November 3, 2018

  1. Eligibility: Male vocalists engaged in full-time study of music, progressing toward the goal of an undergraduate or graduate degree, are eligible to participate in the competition. Previous competitors and award recipients may compete if they still meet these requirements.

  2. Application deadline: Submit an application and an audition audio file no later than 6:00 PM Friday October 5, 2018 (mp3 format preferred). Complete online applications here. An entrant’s application is not complete unless the applicant’s audio file is received by the deadline.

  3. Fee: A non-refundable $25.00 application fee must be paid with the application.

  4. Audio requirements: Audio files shall contain a single selection. There is no limit on the recording’s length. Record audios in a single take, with no splicing or enhancements. We will not accept audio files that do not meet these requirements.

  5. Selection of finalists: The Competition committee will choose sixteen finalists from the audition files submitted. The Singers’ Club will notify all applicants of the results of the selection process no later than Sunday, October 14, 2018.

  6. Requirements for the competition: Finalists shall perform three works, limited to twelve minutes total performance time. The works must include: 1) an opera or oratorio aria, 2) an art song, and 3) a selection of the finalist’s choice. One work must be sung in English. The titles and composers of these works and the name of the finalist’s accompanist must be submitted with the application. Finalists may include their audition selection in the competition program if it meets the above requirements.

  7. Accompanists: Finalists are responsible for supplying their own accompanist. Cleveland Institute of Music offers a service to connect with CIM student accompanists. The Singers’ Club may be able to assist applicants who can find no other alternative. Financial arrangements for accompanists are the responsibility of the competitors.

  8. Publicity information: Applicants shall submit a digital image “head shot,” (300 dpi minimum resolution) and a short biography. Such submission gives The Singers’ Club of Cleveland to use the information for marketing and publicity purposes. Email digital files to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  9. Date, time, and place: The competition begins at 1:00 PM Saturday November 3, 2018 in the ballroom of Judson Manor, located at 1890 East 107th Street, Cleveland, OH. Warm-up space and a piano will be available in the Judson Manor lounge.

  10. Scheduling: The Scholarship Committee will assign each finalist his performance time. The lounge at Judson Manor will be available to finalists and their accompanists for warm-up fifteen minutes before their performance time.

  11. Judging: A panel of judges will assess the finalists’ performances and identify scholarship recipients; the judges’ decisions are final. The Scholarship Committee will notify all finalists of the results during the week following the competition.

  12. Scholarship awards: The competition winner (the S. Livingston Mather Scholar) will receive $2,000. Two singers (the George L. Hackett and Jere H. Brophy Scholars) will each receive $1,400. Additional Albert Rees Davis Scholars may be named, each of whom will receive $1,250.

  13. Performance opportunities: Scholars are encouraged to participate in the 2018–2019 rehearsal and concert schedule of the Singers’ Club of Cleveland. Individual Scholars may be invited to perform as soloists in Singers’ Club concerts and other functions.
The S. Livingston Mather Scholar is supported by the S. Livingston Mather Trust.
The George L. Hackett, Jere H. Brophy, and Albert Rees Davis Scholars
are supported by the Albert Rees Davis Endowment Fund